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Lunch Opening Hours                                                                           


After School Opening Hours                                                              




Be an excellent Makopanian! 
Follow the library rules and help us to develop a neat, tidy and powerful library!

  1. Students must use their student ID card to borrow books.
  2. Students may borrow a maximum of six library items and accompanying library materials.
  3. Students shall not lend or transfer their student ID card to any other person.
  4. Borrowing Duration:  (a) Chinese Collection / English Collection / ERS / Back-dated Magazines:  must be returned to the library within 14 days of being issued. Each item can be renewed once. (b) HKDSE / HKCE / HKAL Reference: must be returned to the library within 3 days of being issued. Each item can be renewed once. (c) General Reference Books : Cannot be borrowed. 
  5. Students must, before leaving the library, ensure that any library material issued to them on loan is complete and undamaged.
  6. If any library material borrowed is lost or damaged, students shall be liable to pay to the school the sum of money the librarian considers necessary to replace the library material or the whole set of library material of which the library material forms a part. In addition, the borrower may be required to pay a surcharge amounting to 20 per cent of the sum.
  7. An overdue fine is imposed on each loan item and accompanying library material returned late. The charge is $1 per school day for each loan item or accompanying library material. If a library item is overdue for 4 days or more, the borrowing function of the student’s ID card will be suspended for 1 cycle. If students continue to not return library items by the due date, they will receive a severe punishment.